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I am an Attorney with a Referral

We have been fortunate to build many strong, long-standing relationships with various attorneys within Oregon and attorneys in neighboring states.  Our aim is to continue to foster current and create new relationships with attorneys across different practice areas and across state lines.

Typically, once these professional relationships have formed, it is not uncommon that other attorneys refer us cases and vice versa. Amongst the attorneys who have referred us cases do so because they know we are not afraid to take cases to trial, we have the experience, and all our attorneys and staff are fully bilingual.

If you have a client whom you believe can benefit from any one of our practice areas and/or services, and would like to refer him/her to us, we happily invite the opportunity.  Conversely, if you believe our current and/or prospective clients can benefit from your expertise and/or services, please provide us with your contact information, so that we may familiarize ourselves with one another, and add you to our referrals list.  Thank you in advance for your referral consideration and commitment to fostering professional relationships.

Please feel free to contact us.  We welcome any questions or comments.

Call: 541-349-8110

Toll Free: 1-888-303-0807 

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