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Personal Injury

Personal injury can be generally defined as, an injury to the person or rights of another, not arising from a contract. Personal injury claims generally have a 2-year time limit to file starting from the day of the personal injury occurred. See Or. Rev. Stat. § 12.110(1).

Wrongful death can be generally defined as, the death of a person is caused by the wrongful act or omission of another. Wrongful death cases generally have a 3-year time limit to file. See Or. Rev. Stat. § 30.020(1)(a).

Or. Rev. Stat. § 12.110(1)

“An action . . . for any injury to the person or rights of another, not arising on contract, and not especially enumerated in this chapter, shall be commenced within two years; provided, that in an action at law based upon fraud or deceit, the limitation shall be deemed to commence only from the discovery of the fraud or deceit.”

Or. Rev. Stat. § 30.020(1)

“The action shall be commenced within three years after the injury causing the death of the decedent is discovered . . . .”

** Please consult with one of our licensed attorneys before relying upon a statute, as there may have been a change to the applicable law or an exception to this rule may apply to your specific case.

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